Innumerable hurdles exist for girls in low income communities. Most of the government schools are defunct without any focus on academics or extra-curricular activities. In these communities, there is an acute dearth of resources which can provide a good education or train them to face the world. In most of these communities, the prevalent gender discrimination results in neglect of girls’ right from the day they are born. Such discrimination adds to them being called the oppressive gender.  Unnayan aspires to support these economically disadvantaged girls and women with a platform which will change their life path and make more them empowered.

Unnayan aims to nurture women and girls to become leaders for bringing about transformational change in low income communities

Unnayan aims to become a community hub for women and girls in the community by instilling in them a sense of change and responsibility for supporting each other towards transforming the community.

Long Term Plan: 
Unnayan aims to run 2 centres (400 kids) by end of Year 1 and in the 2nd year, it aspires to launch 3 more learning centres (1000) in different slum areas. At the end of 5 years we aim to run 30 (6000 kids) centres across various low income communities.


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