Innumerable hurdles exist for students enrolled in government-run schools looking for a meaningful education. In these schools, there is an acute dearth of teachers and, unfortunately, even those few who have the privilege of having a teacher present are not taught properly. In most of these communities, the prevalent gender discrimination results in neglect of girls’ education. Coming from illiterate and uneducated families, these girls do not have any platform of support to aid them in gaining knowledge and developing life skills, nor do they have access to facilitative resources. As a result, these promising girls are denied opportunities to receive wholesome education, severely denting their chances to improve their lives. Unnayan aspires to give these girls a meaningful, wholesome and well-rounded education to tap their inner potential and use it to effect change in their communities.

Our Vision: We aim to support promising girls in low income communities to extract the maximum out of their school education.

Our Mission: Unnayan aims to become an educational community hub for girls in the community by supporting them in their education through after-school learning centres.


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